About Us

PaperShift is a Mobile Papermaking Workshop based in Scotland, working with all sorts of people, and making new stories – with paper, books, prints & objects – from the old ones.
An age-old process, paper-making is easy to learn. it has many angles and levels, from simple play to ecology, and anyone can do it.
Learning to make paper produces satisfying results which can form the basis of books, drawings, prints and objects. It also offers an opportunity to reflect, work out and rewrite old stories into positive new ones – giving special therapeutic benefits for anyone who has lived, or is living, in difficult times. 

In the process, a shift occurs. From cutting rags, through to drawing, writing, printing and assembling, makers become agents of change.

Significant fabrics and clothing become transformed into works of art, opening up insight into difficult experiences and building new understanding, forgiveness and meaning.

PaperShift was set up by Papermaker and Artist Alison Simpson after hosting a short Residency in the Moray Art Centre in Scotland with Drew Mattott and Margaret Mahan of the US- based Peace Paper Project.

Inspired by Peace Paper, we now seek to make our own contribution to the glorious world of transformational papermaking…

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